The Cellar

Lo Zoccolaio produces only red wines, with the grapes coming from their own vineyards located in Barolo, Monforte, Novello and Verduno.
Each stage of the wine creation is managed with great passion and dedication. The grapes are treated with love and respect and the rhythms of nature is the guideline of the approach used. The harvest is done by hand, without haste, selecting the best grapes for a powerful bottle expression.
From the soft pressing of the grapes, to the fermentation, the refining, up to the bottle, nothing is neglected; everything is done respecting the tradition but with the most modern methodologies and tools.


Lo Zoccolaio cellars, besides being a place of excellence for winemaking, shows an irresistible charm. Elegant and hospitable it welcomes the visitor in a real multisensory embrace. Warm lights gently caress the barrels which seems to be moving thanks to the dynamism given by the purple stripes designed by wine on their wood. The atmosphere is suspended and the sacredness of the place palpable. All visitors are fascinated by this place and they leave here a small piece of themselves, even the many celebrities who have honored the farm with their presence. Many have requested to make their mark, with an autograph on the barrels to seal the occurred encounter. Amongst them are actors as the icon of timeless beauty Sophia Loren, the versatile Gerard de Pardieu, the charming Alain Delon and the eclectic Sergio Castellitto, sportsmen such as Marcello Lippi, Fabio Capello, the multi olimpics Alberto Tomba and Dindo Capello. The autographed barrells absorbed a part of the soul of the characters so their wine was bottled with care and delivered them directly.